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Growing up, I thought the deer head hanging in the basement my Nana’s house had a full body hidden behind the wall. I would creep down the stairs and see those beady eyes staring back at me – sending shivers down my spine each time. I vowed never to let a deer head (or any other animal head) into my home.

Fast forward 25 years. I am watching The Antonio Project and fall in love with a HUGE hot pick rhinoceros head.

It took me by surprise. You see, I don’t particularly like rhinos. Or pink. OR HEADS.

But I needed this rhino in my house. For years I searched for the rhino head…and while I searched, something strange happened.

Heads began appearing in my home.

First came the deer head, which I saw as a nod to our backyard friends.

Next came a bright green hippo (a kid’s toy that got attacked by my spray paint bottle)…

…and a neon blue octopus who met the same fate.

Next, a giraffe appeared as a towel hook.

A white rabbit squatted on a bookshelf…

And then finally the piece-de-resistance found its way into my home. My beloved rhino head on a smaller (and less colorful) scale is now nestled above the boys’ toilet.

What’s next to add to our home safari? I am going ga-ga over the Giant Bison Head I found at Cardboard Safari. What do you think? Does he need a home over my fireplace? If so, brown or white?

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