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I am always wrecking and resurrecting parts of my house. However, up until now, my projects have always been on the small side: a little drywall here, a refinished dresser there…you know, regular household upkeep and decor.

Well, after our big debate this summer, my husband and I have decided to renovate not one, but TWO bathrooms…at the same time. Obviously we have lost our minds. But, it was actually less expensive to rework our existing upstairs space (which is generous enough, as is) and do two bathrooms than to bump out 60 square feet (which wouldn’t even help us that much space-wise).

The Master Bath at this moment is not much bigger than a closet. The shower is so small that it is difficult to raise your arms to wash your hair. The sink is mini…and repainted…and generally unattractive. I do like our Kohler toilet though, so that will be reused in the new design.

The Master Bath

In order to get the spa-like bath we want, we are pushing into the boys’ bath and then moving their bath into their ridiculously large room. That way our upstairs space will be better used.

The Guest Bath (Kids’ Bath) is actually OK. It is a little pink for our tastes (especially with three boys!), but it is generally in good working order. We are going to update everything in that bath, but keep a similar design to what we have now.

The Guest Bath

I thought the hard part of renovation would be deciding on a layout. However, I was horribly wrong. The little choices that have HUGE impact – like tile – are so, so hard!

We are going to do radiant heat floors, and we would like porcelain tile that looks like hardwood flooring in each of the bathrooms. These tiles come in nearly every color of wood you could imagine. I hate the look of big, industrial looking tiles, so I think the faux wood will bring warmth and aesthetics to the rooms while still maintaining practicality.

the rooms while still maintaining practicality

I want the rest of the design to be fairly simple and timeless, with lots of white, and the crisp, but inviting neutrals such as in my dream bathroom. You love it too, right?!?!?

In the inspiration room, I really like the accent wall in the shower. I would consider a similar tile in the master bath, and I like the look of both subway and glass tile as well.

For the shower floor, I sort of have a thing for penny tile. I love it. I think this aqua set would look beautiful on the floor of an all white shower:

the floor of an all white shower

The hexagon options are also simple, yet unique:

The hexagon

Update: Here’s a peek at what we chose for our master bathroom – see the final reveal!

master bathroom – see the final reveal

I am LOVING the “cherry wood” tiles we installed!

Also, we updated the guest bath with a gray wood grain tile (reveal here):

gray wood grain tile

What’s your preferred style of bathroom? Link me to your Pinterest bathroom inspiration boards or a favorite link to give me some more ideas!

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