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How a Keratin Treatment Transformed My Hair (and My Life)

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I have fought one major battle the majority of my life – a battle against my hair. I was ‘blessed’ with extremely thick, curly hair – and lots of it. I have had some good hair moments throughout my life – but since having my boys, my hair curls haphazardly, leaving it nearly impossible to leave down. So, for the last 5 years or so, I have been rocking a frizzy head of hair with a hair tie doing its best to tame it.

Out in my neck of the woods, we have this awesome service called Concihairge. With Concihairge, your stylist comes to your home and sets up (and cleans up!) a salon styling station. You can get a cut, color, keratin treatment (and more) while you go about your normal day – doing work at your desk, nursing your baby, or watching your kids. It is an incredible luxury as a busy parent.

How a Keratin Treatment Transformed My Hair

When Stephanie, my regular stylist (and owner of this great company) mentioned that they were adding a stylist who specialized in keratin treatments, I knew this was the time to try it. I was at wits end with my hair and I couldn’t bear the thought of going back to school with a rat’s nest atop my head made me cringe. I wanted to feel good about myself again.

Now, to be honest, I was pretty skeptical about this whole Lasio Keratin Hair Treatment thing. I had difficulty imagining how a hair treatment was going to take my impossible hair and tame it. However, since everyone kept raving about keratin treatments, I figured I’d give it a try.

It is not cheap. But I figured I’d try it once to say I’d done it. Famous last words.

How a Keratin Treatment Transformed My Hair

My Hair After a Lasio Keratin Treatment

Before my keratin treatment, it took about an hour to blow dry my hair – and when I did, my hair stood on end as if I had stuck my finger in an electric socket. Another hour to hour and a half later, my flat iron would sort of tame my hair. It was never super straight and soft, but it would look “acceptable”. After the whole process, I was exhausted – Who has 2.5 hours to style their hair every other day?

My hair after my keratin treatment takes 20 minutes to blow dry. And it blows out straighter that I got with that whole 2.5 hour process I described above. Add a flat iron in, and it will be pin straight. It is soft and has body. It also is several inches longer without all of the kinky curls. In short, I am in love with my hair for the first time in my life.

The Process

The process of getting a Lasio Keratin Treatment is not for the impatient – it took 4 hours to complete the treatment on my curly, just below the shoulder length hair. My stylist, Ashley, used Lasio’s Keratin Mocha Silk on my hair. This 24 hour formula is meant for thick, coarse hair and will reduce up to 100% of frizz and 100% of curls for up to 6 months.

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Clarifying Shampoo

The first step was to use a clarifying shampoo to strip all of the product residue and other junk out of my hair. I think Ashley may have done this 4 times to make sure everything was out of there and so the product would stick. She warned me that my hair would feel a bit like straw afterwards. It did.

Blow Dry #1

Ashley then did a blow dry of my clean, clarified hair to prep it for the treatment.

Keratin Application

After breaking my hair into four sections, or quadrants, Ashley began applying the treatment from tips to roots. This takes a long time because she needs to make sure she gets every strand of hair. After this application, my hair appeared wet.

Blow Dry #2

After the keratin application, Ashley blew out my hair, again.

Keratin Activation with Flat Iron
The last step required Ashley to activate the keratin by running a flat iron over each tiny section of hair 8 times.

What Happened After 24 Hours

For the first day before I could wash my hair, I was instructed not to tuck my hair behind my ears, put it in a hair tie, or sweat. I washed my hair with Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner, as you need to use sulfate-free products for the duration of your treatment.

I’ll admit, when I washed the keratin for the first time it smelled a little like s’mores. I kept looking around the shower wondering why it smelled like toasted marshmallows. It was me. I smelled like toasted marshmallows…I imagine it is the “mocha” part of the Lasio Keratin Mocha Silk treatment.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my soft, styled hair – achieved with minimal effort required to walk out the door.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Decker at Concihairge

Thanks to the gals at Concihairge for bringing this treatment into my life! If you are in the Philly or North Virginia area, you should consider giving them a call.

Disclosure: I paid for my own treatment and did not receive anything in exchange for this post. I just was so surprised and impressed with the treatment that I had to share!

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