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We’ve got it good. Jimmy Buffett once said, “Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes” and our family takes these words to heart. We escape to the islands for an extended period of time each year, to regroup, refresh, and unwind. The kids, while trained for the epic 22+ hour drive from infanthood, probably don’t know how lucky they have it that they get to pose as local islanders for a month or more a year.

Ask any of my kids their favorite foods and you will hear a chorus of fish/lobster/crab/conch/shrimp – even though we rarely eat those foods here at our home in Pennsylvania. They have learned that store bought food rarely compares to that fish that is bought from the local fishermen, or the huge Key West Pinks that overflow in abundance for a simple peel and eat meal.

Days are spent barefoot, splashing in the shallows, chasing fish and admiring the occasional ray. Climbing an old bridge, jumping in a kayak, or just dangling legs over the seawall, hoping to catch a big one.

In these modern times, memories live in our minds and on devices. However, if you are like me, you haven’t printed a photo for yourself in ages. We falsely trust our devices to keep all of our memories safe, then we fall to pieces in the off chance that our memories are somehow lost.

I’ve been dragging my feet for way too long, and I finally took the plunge and backed up my photo and video libraries. I have thought about doing this for quite some time, but I just never got around to it. And – by the time I decided to finally take the plunge, I had amassed so much media, that it just seemed overwhelming.

So, when I had the chance to chat with MiMedia, a personal cloud storage company for people like me, I was thrilled to hear that my big concerns with cloud storage were non-issues with this platform.

First, I was worried about the time it would take to preserve all of my memories. Of course my memories are invaluable to me, but I have three kids and don’t really have time to sit and move all of my files into a new program or specific folders.

MiMedia has a desktop app that will sync my media for me automatically. This is what I need, because if it took me 8 years to even GET cloud storage, how often do you think I would remember to back up my media?

I was worried about how to view my memories. Because folks in my life, like my Nana, do not have access to a computer, I am responsible for sharing my photos with her when I see her. We often use my phone to view them, and I was excited to see that with MiMedia, I have access to all of my media on a phone (or tablet, web, or desktop), not just the photos I took with my device. Now she can see more of the photos she wants to see. The kids also like to steal my phone to view their photos now!

I was worried about security. Cloud storage is a bit abstract for many of us…we understand that our data is being stored somewhere, but “where” that is can be unclear. MiMedia uses the highest level of encryption and security available on the market, and users can share what they choose to share with others. So if I want my mom to see my vacation photos, I can easily share them. However, it doesn’t mean I am also giving her access to all of my photos – just the ones I choose to let her see.

I was worried about organization because, let’s face it, my computer is an organizational disaster zone. Photos are organized in folders by date (a real pain), and I can never find anything. MiMedia solves that problem for me. One of my favorite features is that it has powerful tools that help me curate, personalize, and (re)discover my content – and it is easy to use, so I don’t need to have any tech skills to benefit from these features. I can also import with one click from Facebook, Dropbox, and more making it really easy to make sure all my favorite photos are in one place.

Sign up for a FREE 10GB MiMedia account using the code THEMOTHERHOOD. 10GB is plenty of storage to see if you like the service and to preserve your most special memories. MiMedia also wants to give one Daze and Knights reader a free upgrade to a 500GB account for a year ($85 value). Residents of the United States ages 18 and older are eligible to win! Please see the terms and conditions in the Rafflecopter below to enter.

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