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Star Wars Lightsaber Tag

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Boys. They have more energy than I know how to handle.

When we decided to throw the (now) 7 year old a Star Wars Party, I knew I need a few activities that would let the boys run off all of their sugar-induced energy.

The solution? An all-out battle of good vs. evil in what we called Lightsaber tag.

Trying to find pool noodles in the winter in the Northeast is no easy task. Save yourself the trouble, and just head to your local pool store for some noodles. My local pool store dude told me they have been selling an obscene number of pool noodles this winter for Star Wars crafts, and we contributed to the sales with our noodle lightsabers.

Cutting each noodle in half, we added duct tape to the end and let the kids choose their own weapon for battle. The purple weapons were surprisingly popular with this group, maybe because our special dual blade lightsaber that denoted a child as “it” was also in purple

Rules for Lightsaber Tag
We invented lightsaber tag to keep the kids active and engaged – and they played for at least a half hour – likely they would have played longer had we not had other activities to keep them busy.

  1. The child with the dual blade lightsaber is “It”.
    Lightsaber tag
  2. If the child who is “It” tags another child with his lightsaber, that child is frozen like Hans Solo in Carbonite.
  3. To unfreeze the child stuck in Carbonite, another child can climb under his legs to unfreeze him.
  4. A child with a regular lightsaber can become “It” by tagging the child with the dual blade lightsaber with their saber. At this time, the children switch weapons.
  5. If tagged out, the person that was “It” has 5 seconds to get away before the new “It” child can chase after him.
    Halfway into the game, Kylo Ren made an appearance and took on the young Padawans in battle. The kids loved it and Kylo did not get hurt, even though he was being pummeled with 10 pool noodle lightsabers.
    Lightsaber Kylo Ren
    After the game, each child earned a star on their Jedi Training Badge – one of their favorite aspects of this Star Wars party!

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