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Star Wars Party: Jedi Training Badges

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This weekend 10 young padawans will descend on the house, ready to embark on their first day of Jedi training. Our Star Wars LEGO party will feature a series of 5 challenges that the attendees will “pass” in order to complete their Jedi training.

Printable Jedi Training Badges to dress up any Star Wars party.

When the kids arrive at the party they will get a Jedi Training badge (get the printable at the end of the post). When printed on sticker paper, these badges will hold children’s names as well as their earned stickers from each of the five challenges:

Team Vader vs. Team Stormtrooper Easter Egg Treasure Hunt – we will hide clues in Star Wars themed Easter eggs for them to find.
Destroy the Death Star Game – a intergalactic take on a bean bag toss.
Lightsaber Tag – a new version of tag we made up for the party.
Go to the Dark Side (Break the BB-8 Piñata)
Build Your Own LEGO – each child will get a custom LEGO building tray and a small LEGO set to build!

Over the next week or two we’ll be sharing the details of these party games and more, so stay tuned! Until then, grab your free printable Jedi-in-Training printable. Print it on white sticker paper and add foil stars to each black dot as kids complete the challenges offered at your party. I used Silhouette’s printable sticker paper and the Print and Cut feature on my CAMEO to make these stickers, but you can easily use scissors to cut them out!

After the kids have completed the challenges, hand them a Jedi Training certificate. I used these adorable certificates and ran them through my home laminator after filling them out to make them sturdy!

I think the kids will love getting these as a memento of their day!

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