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My husband, three boys, father-in-law and I headed down to The Franklin Institute last night to check out their new Your Brain exhibit. We were shocked to learn that our tour was nearly private, with just four guests – including my blogging friend Kelly of the site, Delco Deal Diva. Since the tour ended after hours, it was a little bit like “Night in the Museum”, which totally added to the cool factor of the event.

We were really impressed with the exhibit, and my 3 and 5 year old boys loved it as much as the adults.

We started the tour by walking into the room with the Neural Climb, a 18-feet tall glass, wire, and rope climbing structure. The boys and I ventured up and loved the views, lighting effects, and the sensation of climbing through the neural network.

My boys squealed with delight and there was only one questionable moment when I had trouble squeezing through two glass platforms while suspended 14 feet in the air. I tested my flexibility though, and squeezed out smiling having enjoyed sharing this experience with my boys.

The boys hopped from exhibit to exhibit, another favorite being the tilted room, a play on perception that when lying on the bed and watching others walk past, you feel as though they are walking “funny” and possibly even getting larger.

Little Guy enjoyed the illusion that occurred when he stood on this flat, painted floor and I took a picture – the picture made it seem as though he was standing on an exploding manhole cover.

PeePop and the boys enjoyed testing their brain’s abilities to attend to a tennis ball when faced with other changes in their surroundings, and I totally failed the distracted driving test – good thing I don’t text and drive!

We also got a sneak peek at The Circus, a traveling exhibit that tests your abilities to engage in circus acts. We examined the high wire and aerial acrobatics acts and decided to pass, and I learned that I would have made a horrible contortionist.

And this picture of my husband is clearly priceless. Right?

JerseyFamily Fun and I have paired up to offer a fun, family 4-pack of tickets to the Franklin Institute so you can go check out the Your Brain and The Circus exhibits yourself. See the terms and conditions for entry in the Rafflecopter below and good luck!

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