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The language of parenting

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Before children, I (think) I spoke like an intelligent human being. Then, I was pregnant. During this time, I found my words getting so jumbled that I had convinced myself I had suffered a stroke or something equally traumatic. My doctor convinced me I’d be back to normal as soon as I got some sleep…3 years and 20 months later, I am still waiting for that sleep to come.

In the meantime, it seems as if our family has developed our own language that only we understand. Has your family done this? Do you remember when these unique words developed? Do you use them years after your child has moved to the more traditional terminology/pronunciation?

I thought I would share with you a few of our family gems and their definitions.

naughty lemon – a lemon timer that we use for time outs.

lookin’ book – a book that is not meant to be read cover to cover or one that can be read through visual inferencing by the boys themselves.

ex: This 144 page book of Disney Pixar Cars Characters

macky cheese – mac and cheese

dippa/dip dip – condiments. My first son would say “dip dip” while my second son would yell “Dippa! Dippa!” in a way that reminded us of Speedy Gonzales in the old cartoons.

special dippa – whipped cream. One day recently my older son said to me, “Bapa [one of his grandfathers] calls special dippa, “whipped cream.” Isn’t that silly?”

ov-ill – Olive, our dog. We still call her ov-ill three years later.

jeu – juice

pack-pack – As in, “Get your pack-pack (backpack) and get in the car. We are late for school.”

die-po – diaper

die-po divin’ – Used in the context of, “Mah! He’s die-po divin’!” (You get the picture).

chee – When a camera is pointed at you, say “chee!” (cheese).

Doc Ick Stuffins – Doc McStuffins, the toddler toy doctor extraordinaire found on Disney Jr.

fesser – professor (Mommy and Daddy’s real job. What Buddy wants to be when he grows up.)

ham and sam – the Cat in the Hat

white broccoli – cauilflower

popcorn – Pirate’s Booty

jack – jacket

flippers – flip-flops

prizey – a small gift item or special snack

summer shoes – Keens

soccer shoes – sneakers

toodie-toodie – nude

Does your family use any of these words or have any special words of their own? I’d love to hear about them!

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