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Buddy used to be an excellent sleeper. From the time he was six weeks old, he slept 7 PM to 7 AM with 2 long naps. Then he turned 3.

I think I had an easier time writing my dissertation for my Ph.D. than getting my 3-year-old to go to bed. We have a routine, a good one I think, but he does anything to delay “the dark”:

Eat dinner.
Play quietly a few minutes.
Take a bath (every other night or, if dirty, every night).
Go potty, brush teeth, and wash hands.
Read 3+ books.
Battle our way to bed.
“It is too dark!” “I’m thirsty.” “I’m hungry.” “I have to tell you something.” “I need a hug.” “I don’t want to go to bed.” “It is still too dark.” “I want the other pajamas.” “My car wheel is wobbly.” “Something smells.” “I have to go potty.” “It is dark!”

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you might like to check out Nuby’s Bedlite Buddies. These soft, pastel glow bugs light up and sing to comfort your child. Our Bedlite Buddy (a turtle) was originally reserved for Little Guy. However, he quickly found a home in my three-year-old’s room.

I’m not going to say bedtimes are any easier around here. Let’s face it, bedtime is the hardest part of my day. However, the process has been made a little sweeter with this toy, one I would think any infant or toddler would enjoy.

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